Chip Seal Coating

Chip sealcoating: Hot oil sealcoating that delivers an incredible new wear surface.

Chip sealcoating (also known as hot oil or rock seal coating) extends the life of your asphalt with an extremely durable layer of hot oil combined with loose rock/chips. Chip sealcoating is the primary application endorsed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. A chip seal gives you a pristine, tough new wear surface that also enhances skid resistance. Proper chip sealcoating applications and programs are proven to double or triple the life of the asphalt roads and surfaces. Allied recommends that chip sealing should be administered on a four to seven year scheduled asphalt maintenance cycle.

The chip sealcoating process

  1. Cleaning: All surfaces are thoroughly swept and cleaned for complete adhesion.
  2. Application: The hot oil and aggregate chip sealcoating material is applied evenly and smoothly, taking care to work with existing structures and drainage systems. Allied Blacktop Company uses computerized chip spreaders in order to apply the aggregate at the proper application rate. The aggregate is then rolled into the oil with pneumatic tire rollers.
  3. Cleanup: After the surface has properly cured and set, any excess chips are swept from the area. The curing and cleanup phase can vary. State highways and county roads, when using hot polymerized oils, can be swept the day following the application. Highly traveled municipal arterial streets can be swept within a couple of days of application. Residential streets are swept a few weeks following application, and parking lots are typically swept four to eight weeks following the chip sealcoating process. Allied crews resurface thousands of city streets each year without shutting them down.

All chip sealcoating applications experience tracking of the excess aggregate and bleeding of the oil. Chip seal areas are considered to be a “live” surface and are self-healing. Areas that bleed will recover when the temperature become cooler. Most of the aggregate tracking will be resolved after the pickup sweep. Some partially-embedded aggregate will continue to work loose after the initial sweep. These partially embedded rocks will work their way out of the chip seal in the fall and winter months. They are removed in the spring sweep.

Allied Blacktop works closely with each client to ensure the appropriate timing and the best long-term results. Get in touch about your chip sealcoating project.