Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt and blacktop maintenance: The power of prevention.

There are three things we emphasize at Allied: Maintenance, maintenance and maintenance. Asphalt and blacktop are just like any major investment, the more meticulous you are with your upkeep the more value you get back. By protecting your asphalt from water, dirt and harsh weather and by catching small cracks before they grow into big problems, you double the life of your asphalt and halve the cost of any future asphalt repair. We have more than fifty years in the business, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have and put together a blacktop maintenance plan for you. Get in touch about these maintenance services and other ways you can protect your investment.

Asphalt maintenance services

Parking lot maintenance: It’s amazing what a difference simple sweeping and cleaning can do. Clear and sweep your parking lot regularly and you’ll keep surfaces safe from ground-in rocks and debris and add years of life.

Road sweeping: We handle street sweeping and roadwork clean-up projects for many of our municipal and commercial partners.

Sealcoating: We lead the state of Minnesota in the CS-41 hot seal coat process with a fleet of computerized chip spreaders, pneumatic tire rollers and of course Allied’s trained professionals.

Chip sealcoating: This specialty technique holds up well, even in the Midwest and other areas with extreme temperatures. Also known as hot oil and rock sealing.

Asphalt overlay: Add curb appeal, reduce risks and prolong the life of your blacktop surface with a protective overlay.

Crack sealing: This is a critical maintenance process that stops water from seeping into cracks and degrading your surface. Crack sealing also protects your asphalt from sand and dirt that can further erode integrity.

Too busy to think about maintenance? Contact the asphalt experts. We’ll do a complete assessment with free estimate, and develop the right plan for you.