Where the rubber meets the road: About Allied Blacktop

Allied Blacktop Co. started as a small family business in 1954, paving and patching driveways. Today we have more than 70 employees and serve customers across Minnesota and the country. Our goal is to increase the value of your asphalt investment at every turn with customized paving, maintenance and repair programs that are right for you. Clients count on us to educate them, guide them and deliver the right solution, and we take that trust seriously. These clients include commercial and multi-family properties, large industrial complexes, town home association properties, other large asphalt paving contractors, and city, state, and federal municipalities.

Our strong record of success comes from staying ahead of the technology curve in this industry and bringing value to our customers through advanced equipment and procedures. In addition to asphalt, we provide concrete and water control services for low drainage areas, and work with “green” technologies such as permeable pavement. We save our customers time and hassle by providing streamlined, one-stop services for asphalt, concrete and everything they need for high-performance lots, paths and roadways.

The green machine

Allied Blacktop has been thinking green since we rolled our first driveway. “Green machine” is more than a nickname for our big green trucks, it’s how we operate. Everything we do is designed to minimize environmental impact including recycling all asphalt and concrete, installing energy efficiency lighting throughout our office, and prohibiting the use of cold tar due its carcinogen content.

Allied Blacktop has been ahead of the curve on many important environmental measures. Recently, the State of Minnesota and various agencies have implemented a ban on coal-tar seal coats and their applications. However, Allied has voluntarily applied seal coats without coal tar for many years. We’re recognized by The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as a pledged contractor and coal-tar-free seal coat supplier here.

Allied Blacktop is owned and operated by Pete Capistrant. Contact us any time, we appreciate hearing from you.