Catch Basin reconstruction

Catch basin design, installation, reconstruction

If you’ve ever seen a parking lot during a downpour, you know that parking lots and roads can create a lot of runoff. If there’s no drainage system in place, the earth around or under your blacktop can erode. To solve this you need a drainage system for low-lying areas and that’s where catch basins come in. Constructed of concrete, catch basins are up to 15’ deep and have pipes (or “inverts”) that carry water from the catch basin to the nearby sewer system. See more about catch basins on our resources page.

The catch basin “bowl” is covered with concrete rings (or “donuts”) and then a metal casting and grate. The donuts ensure that the grate is at the proper level. 90% of our catch-basin work involves just this top portion of the catch basin system (the donuts and grate). These repairs are generally quick and low in cost.

If land has shifted or potholes are beginning to form, however, this can also be a sign that the catch basin has not been installed at proper elevations or distances and more extensive reconstruction of your catch basin system is needed. Rest assured, if we do need to correct catch basin placement/elevation, repair inverts or perform other significant repair, our six decades of experience mean the best possible value for your dollar. Correct catch basin installation is crucial for a successful drainage system and the life of your road or parking lot. Our asphalt experts are here for you every step of the way.

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