Asphalt Reclaiming

Asphalt reclaiming: “Remove and replace.”

No matter how advanced asphalt patching processes have become, sometimes complete removal and replacement is the most cost effective option in the long run. If the area to be removed is quite large or includes an entire lot, a replacement process called “asphalt reclaiming” is used.

When to reclaim

Allied recommends reclaiming when base stabilization has been compromised and it’s clear that the asphalt mat for a large area is in its final stages. When small but continuous repairs will add up to more than replacement (or there are safety concerns) we reclaim. The Road Reclaimer is Allied’s proprietary equipment. This machine saves significant time and material by grinding up the existing asphalt and incorporating it for use into the underlying base material. For smaller asphalt reclaiming jobs and additional cost savings, Allied has a 48-inch reclaimer which is mounted on a caterpillar loader.

Reclaiming grinds the existing asphalt surface into a fine-graded and compacted new base material. Because this material is reused, the process has minimal environmental impact. Reusing and recycling materials saves on material costs as well as the cost of hauling out old asphalt and bringing in replacement material. Although in certain instances — depending on elevation issues — some of the reclaimed material may need to be transported off site to accommodate new asphalt.

The final step of asphalt reclaiming is to pave the new surface. We recommend sealing your new asphalt with a sealer for durability, weather-resistance and strength. After your reclaimed lot is complete, Allied will prepare a custom asphalt maintenance and upkeep plan so you can get the best possible performance for years to come.

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