Asphalt Crack Sealing MN

Asphalt Crack Sealing — Stop seepage in its tracks!

One of the facts of asphalt life is that it cracks. It cracks from extreme heat, and it cracks when water that has seeped through the surface freezes and expands. Dirt and sand can also work their way into and expand hairline cracks into major ruts. Cracks are difficult to avoid, but the faster you get them sealed up, the less chance they have to do real damage to your asphalt.

Cracking patterns tend to happen in stages, starting with longitudinal cracks, progressing to block cracks or square/rectangular cracking patterns, and eventually leading to heaving or complete deterioration. When you’ve reached alligator cracking or heaving, unfortunately, the asphalt must be milled, patched, or replaced and is no longer a candidate for sealing.

We provide a full inspection and free estimate. If you’re a candidate for crack sealing, the process involves these steps.

  • Before crack sealing, we rout any cracks that are 1/4” wide or larger. Routed cracks are dried and cleared with a hot air lance or forced air wand.
  • Biodegradable paper is applied to protect the sealing material
  • Cracks are sealed with a 3723 series rubberized hot crack seal material. Allied uses a Bear Cat® melter equipped with a jacked boiler to prevent scorching and overheating. The melter is also equipped with an applicator wand to prevent premature cooling.

That’s it! Your pavement is now ready for use, and you’ve effectively stopped crack damage cold.

Contact us to start protecting your pavement for years of rugged use with preventative asphalt crack sealing. We serve clients throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the United States.