Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair done right

Professional asphalt repair and rehabilitation lets you catch small problems early and double or even triple the life of your blacktop. All our patching processes, including mill and patch, skin patch, and remove and replace procedures are endorsed by the Minneapolis Minnesota Department of Transportation. If you notice hairline cracks that are increasing, pits or potholes, bulging or other signs of growing wear, please get in touch and we’ll give you an honest assessment of whether it’s time to repair, replace, or wait until next season. If repair is needed for your asphalt, we’ll go through all of your options to help you find the best value. Trust our 50-plus year history of using innovative asphalt repair to save our customers money.

Blacktop repair, rehabilitation and reclaiming services

Asphalt patching: An ideal solution for contained areas and minor to moderate deterioration. We offer advanced mill and patch, infrared patching and skin patch services that protect vulnerable areas and extend your investment.

Asphalt overlay: Here we repair and reinforce existing blacktop that is showing signs of wear or cracking. An overlay or “asphalt mat” adds durability, stability and strength.

Crack sealing: Catching cracks before they become an issue is smart asphalt maintenance. Sealing up even small cracks prevents water or dirt from working its way down to the base layer and causing real problems. We use a rubberized sealant for superior, air-tight performance.

Reclaiming: When both the base and asphalt mat are compromised, complete reclaiming may be required. We use our Road Reclaimer and other leading-edge equipment so that you get unmatched stability and strength in your new base and surface.

Catch basin construction/reconstruction: Count on Allied for drainage systems and advanced catch basin design that collects runoff and prevents damage around parking lots, paths or roadways.

Concrete: Allied offers complete concrete services including ramps, concrete catch basins, parking barriers, sidewalks, aprons, walls and other concrete structures. We’re your one-stop resource for streamlined concrete and asphalt coordination.

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