Asphalt Overlay MN

Save time, save money with asphalt overlay and resurfacing

When deterioration is a little more advanced and asphalt sealcoating won’t solve the problem, we look at resurfacing with an overlay. This roadwork technique is less expensive than reconstruction, requires less prep time and uses less material. This can translate into major cost savings. It’s also an environmentally friendly process because the asphalt isn’t being completely replaced.

We recommend looking at asphalt overlay resurfacing when there’s significant cracking, usually after 5-10 years of use. It can easily prolong the life of your asphalt another decade with proper maintenance and a protective sealcoat every few years. Overlays can also solve drainage issues, improve curb appeal, and add smoothness and stability for safety and ease of cleaning.

The key to getting the most life out of your overlay is proper site preparation. Uneven or damaged areas must be repaired or milled to ensure stability. Make sure that with any bid you get proper time is allotted for the prep stage. Commercial paving companies that skimp on this phase are not doing you any favors, as poor preparation will show up quickly in compromised asphalt. Another thing to look for is the thickness of the final surface. Many commercial paving contractors will quote a 2-inch asphalt overlay but after compaction leave you with a 1.5” overlay. 1.5” is the minimum for adequate load capacity. Be sure to get a clear understanding about the thickness of your final surface, and whether or not the measurement takes compacting fully into account and is right for the load levels.

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