Asphalt Paving Contractor St.Michael, MN

The St. Michael Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Experts

For more than 50 years now, Allied Blacktop has been the leading commercial asphalt repair and maintenance contractor in Minnesota.  We take care of our customer’s needs with our many asphalt services, and we want to help you with your asphalt needs. The professionals at Allied Blacktop are industry leaders who are professional and knowledgeable.  We will come up with the perfect solution for your repair and maintenance needs.

St. Michael Asphalt Maintenance Services

When we are able to check out your asphalt surface, we will be able to come up with a comprehensive maintenance solution for it. We offer many options for our St. Michael asphalt maintenance services.  We offer seal coating including hot seal coating, chip seal coating, and CS-41 hot seal coating. Our other maintenance services include sweeping, crack sealing, and overlay.  Allied Blacktop is going to be able to maintain your asphalt surface no matter what it might be.

Asphalt Repair St. Michael

If you’ve been in St. Michael, MN for any length of time, you know that the weather can be tough on asphalt.  From the potholes to the drainage problems, and the cracking and crumbling, the asphalt takes a beating.  It’s important to have your surface in the best shape possible, and we have your needs covered.  We are the leading St. Michael asphalt contractor, and we will be able to help you with your commercial parking lots, roads, pathways, and more.

Our repair services we offer include asphalt overlay, catch basin reconstruction, crack sealing, reclaiming, and asphalt patching. We’re the leader in mill & patch and skin patch processes in MN, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation even endorses our patching processes.

Ensuring that you have the right service for your area and needs is vital to your happiness and your asphalt’s life.  You may require a combination of the aforementioned services, and we are happy to provide you with the custom solution you need.

If you are ready for us to come out and look at your parking lot, road, or any other commercial asphalt service, just enter your information into the form on the right.  You can call the office if you prefer.  We’re ready to help.


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