Ramsay Asphalt Contractor Provides Superior Driveway

A Ramsey County resident had been making some improvements at his shed lately. His shed was located fairly deep into his backyard, and he liked it there because he was able to drag out all his lawn equipment and tools when he was working out in the yard, and he didn’t have to worry about his neighbors thinking he was junking up his yard. One of the only problems he had with the location of the shed on his property was actually kind of a big one. It was not easy for him to pull up to the shed if it there was rain or other bad weather conditions because his truck could easily get stuck in the mud. The Ramsey County resident needed a long driveway installed to reach to the shed, and his present driveway was in bad shape. He called the only asphalt contractor Ramsey neighbors had recommended, which was Allied Blacktop.

The Allied Blacktop arrived at the home, and understood the customer’s needs. We gave him an estimate that he was happy with, and we started installing the asphalt driveway. It took us a few days to get the long driveway installed, but when it was finished our customer was in cloud nine. He said he had been needing this driveway done for a very long time. He said he can now access his shed no matter what Mother Nature was doing. The customer said that Allied Blacktop is the asphalt contractor Ramsey county residents love.