Plymouth Asphalt Company Bowls Over Competitors

Allied Blacktop was contacted by a concerned bowling alley owner in Plymouth. The bowling alley owner started receiving a ton of complaints by recent party goers at his establishment. The bowling alley had just recently hosted a child’s birthday party, and all the parents complained because the parking lot was not very well maintained. The parking lot had lots of cracks, potholes, and broken off chunks all over the place. The bowling alley owner was so embarrassed that he started offering all the parents complimentary coupons, then called the best asphalt company in Plymouth to solve all his problems.

We put the owner’s mind at ease when we told him that we would take care of the parking lot issues. The Allied Blacktop team arrived on Wednesday morning, and went to work repairing the parking lot. There was quite a bit of work that needed to be done so our team worked throughout the day, and then returned the following day bright and early so we could get the parking lot in great shape for the customer. The final repair that we did was sealcoating. This would be the finishing touch for the parking lot. Sealcoating would improve the appearance, strength, and durability that the asphalt needed, because our team already had already completed the other repairs. We let the customer know that his parking lot was all done. He came out to look at the parking lot, and was intensely happy. He said he will never let his parking lot get in that shape again, because he will call the best asphalt company Plymouth businesses can count on.