the North St. Paul Asphalt Company of Choice

Allied Blacktop was contacted by a North St. Paul city official a week ago. The official wanted Allied Blacktop to place a bid for their upcoming street and utility improvement project. He was only asking the top asphalt company North St. Paul officials could respect. The Allied Blacktop went out and evaluated and inspected the street and utility project, then submitted the bid. The official said that a lot of details still need to be worked out, but was highly impressed with Allied Blacktop for our professionalism and efficiency in producing a thorough estimate for a substantial project, and they were definitely considering them as their North St. Paul asphalt company.

Allied Blacktop received a call from the city official yesterday, and he let us know that we were selected for the street and utility improvement project. He said that every member on the board was impressed with our bid, because it was affordable for the community, and that they checked out of previous work that we have done for businesses, and every member on the board agreed that Allied Blacktop was the only asphalt company North St. Paul residents could trust. We were thrilled with the news, and we will provide the highest quality of asphalt work for North St. Paul. Each crew member is talking about this upcoming project, and looking forward to improving the streets that each resident uses daily. Allied Blacktop is the asphalt company that you can depend on.