Minneapolis Asphalt Patching Preps Restaurant for Winter

Allied Blacktop received a call from a fast food restaurant owner. The owner explained that he needed to have the driveway patched at the restaurant before the weather turned cold and snowy, then salt applied to the driveway. He called Allied Blacktop, because he had noticed that we had done work for one of his competitors and the work looked great. He wanted the Minneapolis asphalt patching work done as soon as possible because winter was fast approaching.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived at the fast food restaurant on the day the customer requested. The crew cleaned the area thoroughly, so all the gas, chemicals, and dirt would be removed. The crew then started patching the asphalt and filling all cracks in the surface. Afternoon rolled around and the crew was finished with the project and started packing up. The owner came out to look over the work and was thrilled with the work that Allied Blacktop had supplied. Allied Blacktop was able to perform the Minneapolis asphalt patching in no time at all and under budget, which was appealing to the franchise owner. The customer said that it was important that he kept his parking lot safe, sturdy, and durable, but most all it had to look good, because headquarters would not be happy if the parking lot was not maintained. He said that Allied Blacktop is the asphalt patching specialists that all Minneapolis businesses can rely upon for effective and quality work that is done by knowledgeable professionals.