Lino Lakes Parking Lot Repair Necessary for Convenience

A Lino Lakes convenience store owner contacted Allied Blacktop recently. The store owner realized their cracked and pothole ridden parking lot was the exact opposite of convenient, and contacted Allied Blacktop to perform a top parking lot repair Lino Lakes commuters could count on so everyone would be able to get gas, coffee, and their morning newspaper in a timely, and efficient manner without damaging their vehicles. The Allied Blacktop specialists went to the store to inspect the parking lot, and offered the owner several affordable options for his parking lot repairs.

The customer decided to have asphalt patching and sealing done, and our crew arrived the following morning to start the repairs. The crew did sections at a time, so the store could remain open, and we didn’t disturb his business. Within a few days we had the repairs done, and the parking lot was in excellent condition. With the repairs that we performed the parking lot had strength, durability, and a great curb appearance, which was what the customer was wanting. The customer looked over our work, and said the parking lot looked amazing! He was thrilled with the professionalism and asphalt knowledge that each crew member possessed. Allied Blacktop heard back from the customer a few weeks later. He just wanted to thank us again for doing such a fine job, and that all of his regular customers have been complimenting the parking lot. He is glad he contacted Allied Blacktop to do parking lot repairs Lino Lakes drivers would appreciate.