Hardware Store Gets Sealcoating in New Brighton

A hardware store owner wanted to be able to make some snowmen as a display for the holiday shopping season once it rained. The owner wanted to make sure that doing this fun display would not damage their asphalt, so they called Allied Blacktop to do a New Brighton sealcoating that would keep their paved surface durable and well-maintained.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived at the location and first cleaned the parking lot thoroughly. This would ensure that there is no dirt, debris, oil or gas on the pavement before the sealcoating was applied. One of the crew members noticed a small crack in the pavement so the crew member filled the crack, then the crew started applying the sealcoating. The Allied Blacktop crew had the sealcoating project done by the end of the day, which was a pleasant surprise to the owner. The customer came out and looked at the parking lot and said it looked amazing. The Allied Blacktop crew let the customer that he could set up his snowmen display and not have to worry about any damages to his parking lot, and his customers would have a durable parking lot to park in to do their shopping at his hardware store. The customer was glad that he called Allied Blacktop for the best sealcoating New Brighton businesses could depend upon. A week later one of the crew members that worked at the hardware store’s parking lot said he drove by and the customer had his display up and the parking lot was full of customers. He said it looked amazing.