Fridley Overlay Services for Overworked Parking Lot

After a long, harsh winter a local grocery store noticed the surfaces in their parking lot had become soft and damaged due to salt erosion, and contacted Allied Blacktop for the best overlay Fridley could be serviced with. Not only did we provide the necessary repair work to fix the damaged areas and to provide the structural stability it needed, but we also created a smoother, finer looking, which truly helped change the exterior appearance of this grocery store. We ensured the new ground was better suited for sealcoating, which further allowed us to apply a protective surface and helped prevent from further damage this winter, and in years to come.

Not only did we provide the quality services this grocery merchant was looking for, we helped to provide a solid ground for their customers to walk over, park their cars on, and gain access to and from the grocery store entry way as well. We completely resurfaced the damaged areas, and applied a protective coating which will help prevent this issue from occurring in the future again. We ourselves have experienced quite a few harsh winter days in Fridley, which does result in softening and damage to pavement and other hard surfaces.

We are pleased to learn that this grocery store was happy with our work, and that their new sealcoated asphalt parking lot looks exceptional. Not only do we provide the highest quality overlay services, we can provide other paving and similar services to local customers in the area as well. For the local residents and commercial clients in the area in need of overlay and other paving services, we are the premier company to contact in Fridley. We look forward to helping others in the area, and providing the same high quality services we were able to provide for this local grocery store.