Crystal Parking Lot Paving Gets Store Ready for Deals Day

Recently, Allied Blacktop was contacted by a wireless store manager in Crystal. The wireless store manager was authorized a budget for a Crystal parking lot paving services and maintenance to be done around the store, so that there would be no trouble getting to the store once Black Friday rolled around. He wanted Allied Blacktop to come out and give him an estimate.

The experts with Allied Blacktop arrived at the wireless store and inspected the parking lot. We gave the manager an estimate that he was thrilled with and asked our company to do the parking lot repairs. Allied Blacktop returned the following morning to start the repairs. The parking lot was in fairly good shape and just a few minor repairs needed to be conducted. Allied Blacktop was able to do the parking lot repairs in just under a day and was under budget, which was a relief to the manager because he was very anxious for our work to be completed. The manager told us that he was trying to impress his boss because when he had contracted a service previously the bid that was given was never what was the bill when the work was completed. The manager said the parking lot looked great and all of the Black Friday shoppers would have a safe and secure place to park when they visited their establishment thanks to the parking lot paving specialists in Crystal, Allied Blacktop. It was our pleasure to make sure the project went exactly according to plan.