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A great asphalt maintenance and repair company needs to have great professionals and plenty of experience.  Allied Blacktop has plenty of both.  We’ve been the leading commercial asphalt repair and maintenance contractor in Minnesota for the last 50 years. Our team is full of industry leaders who have experience and knowledge that will ensure that you have the best service possible. Our friendly professionals will be able to give you the best solution no matter what type of asphalt maintenance and repair needs you might have.

Corcoran Asphalt Maintenance Services

When we check out your asphalt surface and are able to determine that it needs to have maintenance, we will develop a customized solution that works for you.  We offer a number of different maintenance services that might be right for your surface, and we’ll choose just what you need.  Allied Blacktop can offer crack sealing, sweeping, overlaying services and more.  We offer hot seal coating, chip seal coating, and CS-41 hot seal coating.

Asphalt Repair Corcoran

You may already know that weather can cause problems for asphalt, so repair services in Corcoran, MN are inevitable.  The harsh weather here can cause your asphalt to crack and crumble.  It might cause potholes and drainage issues.  These are actually quite common in parking lots, roads, and pathways.  With all of these potential problems with your asphalt, you can be certain that Allied Blacktop will provide you with the solutions you need.  We will keep your surface functional and safe, not to mention great looking!
Asphalt repair services we offer include asphalt patching, including skin patching and the mill & patch process.  These processes have endorsement from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and we are MN’s leader in this area.  We can also offer crack sealing, reclaiming, catch basin reconstruction, and asphalt overlay.
We are able to offer you the right solutions for your particular asphalt surface.  You will find custom options and not cookie cutter choices here!
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