Columbia Heights Striping for Cars of All Sizes

The owner of a parking lot contacted Allied Blacktop to have striping done. The parking lot was just installed about a year ago, but the striping had never been applied. The parking lot was adjacent to a few soccer fields in a park, so the contract for the parking lot area was made to include extra wide parking stalls to accommodate sport utility vehicles.

Allied Blacktop let the parking lot owner know that we provide striping Columbia Heights businesses can depend up. Allied Blacktop uses the latest technology and equipment for all asphalt projects, and we provide parking lot striping that abides by the state’s requirements. The Allied Blacktop asphalt specialists met with the customer to evaluate the parking lot, and provide an estimate for the striping. The customer agreed to the bid, and asked us to do the striping during a weekday, because the parking lot would need to be available during the weekends as there were a lot of soccer games scheduled. The Allied Blacktop crew arrived as scheduled, then applied the striping. The crew made sure that the striping was made for wide parking spots for large SUV’s as requested. The owner contacted us a week later to let us know that the striping was exactly on point. He said some of the soccer parents commented that they liked the larger parking spots. The customer said he was glad that he contacted Allied Blacktop, because we provided him with striping Columbia Heights parents could appreciate.