Cold Seal Coat

Cold Seal Coat

Allied Blacktop is the exclusive provider of the GSB-Gilsonite™ rejuvenating sealer and binder.  GSB is a penetrating sealer that extends the life of the asphalt.

Sweeping equipment: Elgin Pelican pick up style broom, Roscoe Straight broom, Billy Goat blowers and push brooms.

Allied crews sweep, scrub and blow the asphalt surface to maximize coverage and penetration of the sealer.  Then they apply the sealer.  A wand attached to a smaller tanker is used to provide precise and accurate coverage for edges and tight corners.  Mack Bearcat distributors equipped with computerized rate control spray the Gilsonite in open areas.

Cold Seal Coat Drying Time:

  • Day applications with low humidity and sun: 15 minutes
  • Night applications: 30 minutes

Black Diamond Silica Sand may be applied at the specified rate to add structure to the seal coat and provide traction.

Rejuvenating sealers are designed to penetrate the asphalt surface and integrate with the existing asphalt binder oil in order to retard the oxidation process.  Rejuvenating sealers should be applied every 2 to 3 years.

Gilsonite is one of the few petroleum-based cold seal coat applications.  It is a petroleum based ore mined on the West Coast.  Gilsonite is extracted, combined with Naphtha, and installed on the asphalt surface.

Allied Blacktop Company performs this application nationwide.  It is the premier application for malls, shopping centers, and retail stores.


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