Church Invests in the Long Term with Mounds View Sealcoating

A few local church deacons contacted Allied Blacktop to see how much Mounds View sealcoating would cost for their parking lot. The church parking lot needed to have strength and durability added to it. Having sealcoating done to the parking lot would provide this, and it would also make the parking lot look smoother and nicer. The Allied Blacktop specialists met with the deacons to go over the parking lot and to give them an estimate. The deacons had to present the estimate to the congregation, then the congregation would have to agree to have the sealcoating done, so it was important that the estimate was fairly priced.

Once the deacons had the bid they presented it to the congregation. The congregation decided it would be best to have the parking lot outside the church seal coated, because it would end up saving the church money in the long run. The congregation eventually donated enough money for the sealcoating after they had seen examples of some of the work that Allied Blacktop had produced in the past. The Allied Blacktop crew arrived at the church and began the sealcoating process. The sealcoating was exactly what the church needed. The congregation was pleased with the work provided, and said that their parking lot sealcoating Mounds View residents could appreciate.

Allied Blacktop is the number one leader in sealcoating for all organizations and businesses in Mounds View. We pride ourselves in giving our customers high quality sealcoating that will add durability, strength, and that curb appeal that each business wants.