Chip sealcoating season!

Chip sealcoating is a great option for adding a tough new wear surface that also adds skid resistance. This process can triple the life of your asphalt. The surface combines a durable layer of hot oil with loose rock (chips). It’s all rolled into place for years of reliable use!

The steps

  • 08-27-12 Chipseal Bill (3)Patching and crack sealing. This should be done at least a week ahead of the chip sealing process to allow for complete curing of the crack seal or patch materials.
  • A thorough cleaning of the surface area so that adhesion is flawless
  • Application of hot oil and aggregate materials. We use computerized chip spreaders for accuracy.
  • Cleanup of excess chips and loose materials. This happens within a few days after we chip sealcoat if it’s a high traffic area. In low traffic areas, we like to wait a few weeks to allow for full curing before cleanup.

We specialize in chip sealcoating with minimum interruption to your business or traffic flow! Get in touch.

Busier than ever and still hiring!

We’ve started several municipal and commercial projects including the U of MN, Historic Fort Snelling and the city of Cottage Grove. Because of the short season this year we’re working at full capacity and are on the lookout for responsible workers to help us with our large workload. Check out our contact page for requirements and to get in touch about joining the team at Allied Blacktop.