Top Minneapolis Asphalt Contractor Helps Out Bakery with Expansion

A few weeks ago, Allied Blacktop received a call from a bakery owner in Minneapolis. The owner informed us that he had a small bakery that he would be opening in Northeast. He was needing to have a new parking lot paved, so he called the best asphalt contractor in Minneapolis. The Allied Blacktop experts met with the customer and looked over the current parking lot. We inspected it thoroughly and gave him an estimate that included striping, which the budding business was very happy about.

He hired us, and we returned the following day to start the repair project. The crew patched several potholes, filled the cracks, and cleaned the site. We returned the following morning to add striping to the parking lot. We applied a fresh coat of paint that would allow the stripes to stand out and be noticed. The Allied Blacktop crew had the job done two days ahead of schedule, which was very pleasing to the customer because he was busy trying to get things organized for his bakery’s grand opening. The customer took a few minutes out of his busy day and looked over the parking lot, then said that it looked perfect! He told us that he though Allied Blacktop is the only asphalt contractor Minneapolis business owners can depend on for an honest price and quality work. The small bakery had its grand opening, and the new parking lot is able to handle all the traffic and parking for this establishment.

We Service a Driveway Replacement with Asphalt Paving in Minneapolis

A Minneapolis homeowner was wanting his concrete driveway replaced. His neighbor had had an asphalt driveway installed and he noticed how much easier it was for him to take care of, especially during the winter months. His neighbor was able to shovel his driveway in half the time that it took for him, so he asked his neighbor who had installed the driveway. The homeowner called Allied Blacktop for our Minneapolis asphalt paving services, and we were able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

The Allied Blacktop team met with the customer and gave him a bid to remove the current concrete driveway, then replace it with an asphalt driveway. We let the customer know that we would recycle the old concrete driveway, so he wouldn’t have to worry about hiring anyone else to take it away. We were scheduled for the job and the team showed up and started removing the current driveway, then the team added the drainage system, so the water would drain off the driveway effectively. The sub base was installed, then the hot asphalt mixture was compacted into place. The Allied Blacktop team had the new asphalt driveway installed ahead of schedule for the customer. The customer said it looked great! He said he was sure happy that he called Allied Blacktop in Minneapolis for the best asphalt paving services because we met all his expectations and had the job done quickly.

Doctor’s Office Calls the Best Asphalt Company in Minneapolis

Recently Allied Blacktop was contacted by a psychiatrist in Minneapolis. The doctor told us that he had moved his practice to a new location that had a large building, but a small lot. He needed the space that the large building provided, but he was very concerned about the small lot because he wanted to make sure that he provided his patients with plenty of parking spaces. He called in the top Minneapolis asphalt company to repave part of the area so there would be plenty of spaces available for patients and doctors, and Allied Blacktop was the company for the job.

Our crew arrived at the office and started cleaning the parking lot, then the crew patched and filled holes and cracks. Once all the steps were completed the crew started repaving the lot, then we applied a sealcoat layer, so the parking lot would be strong and durable. This also made the parking lot would look clean and attractive. Our Allied Blacktop crew finished the project, then we contacted the customer to let him know that his parking lot was ready for his practice to open. The customer said he would go over and take a look at it and within an hour. He called the office to say that our crew did a fantastic job. The customer said that Allied Blacktop is the number one asphalt company in Minneapolis. He said that our crew did an outstanding job and the parking lot is just what he was needing.

Asphalt Repair in Ramsey for New Car Service Area

Allied Blacktop received a call from a gas station owner in Ramsey. The Ramsey gas station owner had a car wash lane at his establishment and it had become damaged due to use of salt during the winter. He needed it fixed as soon as possible, so he called Allied Blacktop for the Ramsey asphalt repair. The team arrived at the gas station and we looked at the car wash lane. The owner was right it needed repaired quickly before one of his customer’s would become injured or even their vehicles getting damaged. We suggested having an asphalt overlay performed, because an overlay would add stability and strength. The customer agreed and our crew returned the following morning to start on the job.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived at the gas station and we started the overlaying. We first had to make the repairs in the asphalt. The cracks and potholes had to be patched and filled, then we applied a tack coat so the overlay would bind to the old surface. The crew applied a 2-inch overlay upon the asphalt. The car wash lane was durable, stable, and a decade of life has been added to the asphalt with our services. The owner was pleased to see the repairs had been made and he said it looked fantastic. The owner said that Allied Blacktop is the professionals in Ramsey for asphalt repairs because we not only did the repairs, but we also provide life to the asphalt too.

Builder Comes to Us for Sealcoating in Stillwater

A roofing contractor in our area was getting ready for the spring season and realized he would save himself a lot of headaches if he had some basic maintenance performed on the driveway he had at his home. The contractor had his equipment and supplies at his home, so he needed his driveway to be sturdy. He called Allied Blacktop for Stillwater sealcoating that would give his asphalt surface added durability, so that entering and exiting his home with a fully loaded truck or van would be no problem.

The crew at Allied Blacktop met with the contractor at his Stillwater home and looked over his driveway. We noticed that a pothole had started to form in the driveway and we let the homeowner know that we would patch the pothole, then apply sealcoating. We gave him the estimate, and he asked us to do the project soon. We scheduled the Stillwater sealcoating and our crew arrived promptly on time. The crew swept and cleaned the asphalt, then the crew patched the pothole. The crew then applied the sealcoating. We left the property and before we could return to the office the customer called to say ‘thank you.’ The customer told us that the Allied Blacktop crew did an amazing job on the driveway. He said he doesn’t have to worry about the asphalt this year, because of the services that we provided for him. We understand the importance of our customers having a sturdy and durable asphalt service and that is why Allied Blacktop is Stillwater’s sealcoating specialists.

North St. Paul Asphalt Paving Job for Community Center

Allied Blacktop received a call from a manager at a community center that needed asphalt paving in North St. Paul once they had budgeted for an expansion to build out a playground. Parents in the community had been trying to raise the funds by having bake sales and yard sales, but they hadn’t quite reached their goal. One of the parents suggested getting an estimate so they could see how far away they were from raising the money. They called Allied Blacktop to come out and give them an estimate.

A few of the best Allied Blacktop employees went out to the community center and looked over the space where the playground was to go. We gave them a comprehensive and affordable estimate. Once they received the estimate they were able to see that they weren’t too far from reaching their goal, because Allied Blacktop gave them a lower estimate than what they were expecting. The community center said that as soon as they raised the rest of the money they would call us back to do the North St. Paul asphalt paving, because Allied Blacktop was very detailed and informative about the paving that we would be needing for our playground expansion. The employees with Allied Blacktop let them know to call us anytime and we would set up the paving for them when they are ready and in no time at all children would be enjoying the new playground on a safe and durable surface.

Asphalt Paving in Andover Pleases the Kids, Too!

Not too long ago, a homeowner in Andover contacted Allied Blacktop. The homeowner had kids who were always skateboarding. The kids requested that their dad get a blacktop driveway installed to replace the cracked and broken concrete surface they currently had, so he called us at Allied Blacktop to inquire about asphalt paving in Andover. We gave him the information he needed and we visited him to provide an estimate. The homeowner was pleased with the estimate and asked us to do the asphalt paving.

The crew with Allied Blacktop arrived at the home and started the asphalt paving process. The crew removed the current concrete driveway, then got the surface prepped and ready for the asphalt driveway. The next step was to start pouring the asphalt, then compacting it for the driveway. The driveway was successfully installed and done two days ahead of schedule. Our crew cleaned up and let the homeowner know that everything was completed. The homeowner said that the new driveway looked outstanding. A few weeks later the customer contacted us to let us know that his entire family are thrilled with the driveway. He said his kids are doing all types of new skateboarding tricks now that they have a smooth surface. They are all glad that they contacted Allied Blacktop for the best asphalt paving Andover has ever seen, because the kids can skateboard, the wife can safely park her car without any damages, and the dad can remove any snow and ice when winter arrives.

Mahtomedi Asphalt Patching Done with Quality and Care for Speciality Store

Allied Blacktop received a call from a business owner in Mahtomedi. The man owned a specialty jerky store and realized (after many complaints from his customers) that he needed to call us for a project involving asphalt patching in Mahtomedi. The store owner had used our services several years ago and knew that we had supplied him with great work, so he didn’t hesitate to call Allied Blacktop. The customer explained what was going on with his parking lot and we let him know that we could come out the following week.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived as scheduled.  We patched some of the very large potholes in his parking lot, which definitely was needed. The asphalt patching was done and all of the customer’s jerky enthusiast customers were really happy to be able to safely park in the parking lot again, which pleased the jerky store owner. He was afraid that he may have lost some of his loyal customers, because he let his parking lot maintenance go, but quickly noticed that as soon as the parking lot asphalt patching in Mahtomedi was done his faithful customers started returning, which he thanked Allied Blacktop for. The customer said that he never wanted to jeopardize his customer’s safety or cars, because he neglected his parking lot and this could have cost his business more money than having the asphalt patching done in the first place. He said Allied Blacktop is the asphalt patching specialists in Mahtomedi.

Commercial Maple Grove Asphalt Contractor Services Performed at Loading Dock

Allied Blacktop received a call from a concerned furniture store owner needing a Maple Grove Asphalt Contractor. The furniture store owner was wanting to have part of their property paved to allow for easier loading and unloading of furniture. They had just built out a new door in the facility and really wanted to be able to see from an attached warehouse nearby. We scheduled an appointment with the owner, so we could give him an accurate estimate.

The Allied Blacktop specialists met with the owner and he showed us where he wanted to have the paving done. We evaluated the area, then gave the owner the estimate. He must have been pleased with the estimate, because he asked if we could start Monday morning. Our crew arrived Monday morning bright and early and started the project. In just three days, the Allied Blacktop crew had the asphalt paving completed and now the area will be much easier for any furniture loading and unloading. The customer came out and looked over the work that we had provided and said it was exactly what he was wanting done. He said that he is happy that he called the best asphalt contractor Maple Grove businesses contact for quality asphalt, because Allied Blacktop went above and beyond for him and all done right on budget, which was very important. Allied Blacktop has been the asphalt contractor that all residents and businesses contact in Maple Grove because we have experience and a great reputation.

MN Sealcoating Provided by Allied Blacktop for Financial Services Firm

A financial services storefront realized that the winter weather was starting to destroy their parking lot. With the snow, ice, and chemicals the parking lot was really taking a toll. They were hoping that they could draw an affluent clientele, but most people with nice vehicles would be displeased to park in such a shabby looking space. They called Allied Blacktop for the best sealcoating in MN.

The Allied Blacktop experts met with the owners of the financial services office and their building administrator at their business location. We evaluated the parking lot and let the owners know that we could fill all the cracks, then apply sealcoating to the parking lot and have it looking great again for them. The owners agreed and our team returned the following week to start. The crew first cleaned the parking lot thoroughly to remove any chemicals, dirt, and debris, then they started filling all the cracks. The crew then started the sealcoating process. At the end of the afternoon, the parking lot was fully seal coated and looked smooth and attractive. The owners showed up to work the next day and couldn’t get over the transformation of the parking lot. They were both in agreement that they were happy that they called Allied Blacktop for professional sealcoating MN businesses can rely upon. The financial services can look forward to new customers at their business and never have to worry about looking unprofessional, because we provided them with the best sealcoating available.