Blaine Catch Basin Installed in Street for City

Allied Blacktop was contacted by some officials from the City of Blaine recently. The Blaine City officials needed to have some storm drains installed on one of their streets. The city had commissioned bid, which we had previously submitted. The officials went through each and every one of the bids and they decided to go with Allied Blacktop, because they knew that we could provide the best Blaine catch basin services available and they were impressed with our bid.

Our crew here at Allied Blacktop was happy that we were selected and we planned on providing the city with the highest level of services just like we do with all of our customers. Our crew arrived at the street that needed the new storm drain installed and the crew started working. The crew continued to work until the project was completed. We called the city to let them know that their project was done and a success and one of the officials wanted to come take a look at our work. We met with the official and he looked it over thoroughly and said, “Great job!” He said he was pleased that we worked effectively and quickly. He was impressed that our work was done a day ahead of schedule. The city can depend on Allied Blacktop, because we provide the best catch basin services that Blaine residents will appreciate. Allied Blacktop is the asphalt contractor that everyone can depend on. We are a comprehensive paving company capable of providing commercial, municipal and residential asphalt services.