We Service a Driveway Replacement with Asphalt Paving in Minneapolis

A Minneapolis homeowner was wanting his concrete driveway replaced. His neighbor had had an asphalt driveway installed and he noticed how much easier it was for him to take care of, especially during the winter months. His neighbor was able to shovel his driveway in half the time that it took for him, so he asked his neighbor who had installed the driveway. The homeowner called Allied Blacktop for our Minneapolis asphalt paving services, and we were able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

The Allied Blacktop team met with the customer and gave him a bid to remove the current concrete driveway, then replace it with an asphalt driveway. We let the customer know that we would recycle the old concrete driveway, so he wouldn’t have to worry about hiring anyone else to take it away. We were scheduled for the job and the team showed up and started removing the current driveway, then the team added the drainage system, so the water would drain off the driveway effectively. The sub base was installed, then the hot asphalt mixture was compacted into place. The Allied Blacktop team had the new asphalt driveway installed ahead of schedule for the customer. The customer said it looked great! He said he was sure happy that he called Allied Blacktop in Minneapolis for the best asphalt paving services because we met all his expectations and had the job done quickly.