Doctor’s Office Calls the Best Asphalt Company in Minneapolis

Recently Allied Blacktop was contacted by a psychiatrist in Minneapolis. The doctor told us that he had moved his practice to a new location that had a large building, but a small lot. He needed the space that the large building provided, but he was very concerned about the small lot because he wanted to make sure that he provided his patients with plenty of parking spaces. He called in the top Minneapolis asphalt company to repave part of the area so there would be plenty of spaces available for patients and doctors, and Allied Blacktop was the company for the job.

Our crew arrived at the office and started cleaning the parking lot, then the crew patched and filled holes and cracks. Once all the steps were completed the crew started repaving the lot, then we applied a sealcoat layer, so the parking lot would be strong and durable. This also made the parking lot would look clean and attractive. Our Allied Blacktop crew finished the project, then we contacted the customer to let him know that his parking lot was ready for his practice to open. The customer said he would go over and take a look at it and within an hour. He called the office to say that our crew did a fantastic job. The customer said that Allied Blacktop is the number one asphalt company in Minneapolis. He said that our crew did an outstanding job and the parking lot is just what he was needing.