North St. Paul Asphalt Paving Job for Community Center

Allied Blacktop received a call from a manager at a community center that needed asphalt paving in North St. Paul once they had budgeted for an expansion to build out a playground. Parents in the community had been trying to raise the funds by having bake sales and yard sales, but they hadn’t quite reached their goal. One of the parents suggested getting an estimate so they could see how far away they were from raising the money. They called Allied Blacktop to come out and give them an estimate.

A few of the best Allied Blacktop employees went out to the community center and looked over the space where the playground was to go. We gave them a comprehensive and affordable estimate. Once they received the estimate they were able to see that they weren’t too far from reaching their goal, because Allied Blacktop gave them a lower estimate than what they were expecting. The community center said that as soon as they raised the rest of the money they would call us back to do the North St. Paul asphalt paving, because Allied Blacktop was very detailed and informative about the paving that we would be needing for our playground expansion. The employees with Allied Blacktop let them know to call us anytime and we would set up the paving for them when they are ready and in no time at all children would be enjoying the new playground on a safe and durable surface.