Builder Comes to Us for Sealcoating in Stillwater

A roofing contractor in our area was getting ready for the spring season and realized he would save himself a lot of headaches if he had some basic maintenance performed on the driveway he had at his home. The contractor had his equipment and supplies at his home, so he needed his driveway to be sturdy. He called Allied Blacktop for Stillwater sealcoating that would give his asphalt surface added durability, so that entering and exiting his home with a fully loaded truck or van would be no problem.

The crew at Allied Blacktop met with the contractor at his Stillwater home and looked over his driveway. We noticed that a pothole had started to form in the driveway and we let the homeowner know that we would patch the pothole, then apply sealcoating. We gave him the estimate, and he asked us to do the project soon. We scheduled the Stillwater sealcoating and our crew arrived promptly on time. The crew swept and cleaned the asphalt, then the crew patched the pothole. The crew then applied the sealcoating. We left the property and before we could return to the office the customer called to say ‘thank you.’ The customer told us that the Allied Blacktop crew did an amazing job on the driveway. He said he doesn’t have to worry about the asphalt this year, because of the services that we provided for him. We understand the importance of our customers having a sturdy and durable asphalt service and that is why Allied Blacktop is Stillwater’s sealcoating specialists.