Mahtomedi Asphalt Patching Done with Quality and Care for Speciality Store

Allied Blacktop received a call from a business owner in Mahtomedi. The man owned a specialty jerky store and realized (after many complaints from his customers) that he needed to call us for a project involving asphalt patching in Mahtomedi. The store owner had used our services several years ago and knew that we had supplied him with great work, so he didn’t hesitate to call Allied Blacktop. The customer explained what was going on with his parking lot and we let him know that we could come out the following week.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived as scheduled.  We patched some of the very large potholes in his parking lot, which definitely was needed. The asphalt patching was done and all of the customer’s jerky enthusiast customers were really happy to be able to safely park in the parking lot again, which pleased the jerky store owner. He was afraid that he may have lost some of his loyal customers, because he let his parking lot maintenance go, but quickly noticed that as soon as the parking lot asphalt patching in Mahtomedi was done his faithful customers started returning, which he thanked Allied Blacktop for. The customer said that he never wanted to jeopardize his customer’s safety or cars, because he neglected his parking lot and this could have cost his business more money than having the asphalt patching done in the first place. He said Allied Blacktop is the asphalt patching specialists in Mahtomedi.