Commercial Maple Grove Asphalt Contractor Services Performed at Loading Dock

Allied Blacktop received a call from a concerned furniture store owner needing a Maple Grove Asphalt Contractor. The furniture store owner was wanting to have part of their property paved to allow for easier loading and unloading of furniture. They had just built out a new door in the facility and really wanted to be able to see from an attached warehouse nearby. We scheduled an appointment with the owner, so we could give him an accurate estimate.

The Allied Blacktop specialists met with the owner and he showed us where he wanted to have the paving done. We evaluated the area, then gave the owner the estimate. He must have been pleased with the estimate, because he asked if we could start Monday morning. Our crew arrived Monday morning bright and early and started the project. In just three days, the Allied Blacktop crew had the asphalt paving completed and now the area will be much easier for any furniture loading and unloading. The customer came out and looked over the work that we had provided and said it was exactly what he was wanting done. He said that he is happy that he called the best asphalt contractor Maple Grove businesses contact for quality asphalt, because Allied Blacktop went above and beyond for him and all done right on budget, which was very important. Allied Blacktop has been the asphalt contractor that all residents and businesses contact in Maple Grove because we have experience and a great reputation.