MN Sealcoating Provided by Allied Blacktop for Financial Services Firm

A financial services storefront realized that the winter weather was starting to destroy their parking lot. With the snow, ice, and chemicals the parking lot was really taking a toll. They were hoping that they could draw an affluent clientele, but most people with nice vehicles would be displeased to park in such a shabby looking space. They called Allied Blacktop for the best sealcoating in MN.

The Allied Blacktop experts met with the owners of the financial services office and their building administrator at their business location. We evaluated the parking lot and let the owners know that we could fill all the cracks, then apply sealcoating to the parking lot and have it looking great again for them. The owners agreed and our team returned the following week to start. The crew first cleaned the parking lot thoroughly to remove any chemicals, dirt, and debris, then they started filling all the cracks. The crew then started the sealcoating process. At the end of the afternoon, the parking lot was fully seal coated and looked smooth and attractive. The owners showed up to work the next day and couldn’t get over the transformation of the parking lot. They were both in agreement that they were happy that they called Allied Blacktop for professional sealcoating MN businesses can rely upon. The financial services can look forward to new customers at their business and never have to worry about looking unprofessional, because we provided them with the best sealcoating available.