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Clean asphalt looks better, lasts longer, and is safer since it provides more traction.

It’s a good idea to sweep your surface in the spring and again in autumn if necessary.  Winter salt, sand, and debris sit on the paved surface, collecting water and increasing the oxidation process.  Oxidation occurs when the oil is drained from the asphalt.  Oxidized blacktop will begin to ravel and become brittle, thereby cracking, breaking, and washing away more quickly.

Asphalt Sweeping by Allied Blacktop

Allied Blacktops’ fleet of Elgin Pelican pickup brooms is available to remove salt, sand, and debris. We provide hourly rates for municipal sweeping and time and materials quotes for parking lots. Sweeping services include appropriate debris disposal.

More information regarding disposal practices can be obtained from the Best Practices: Street Sweepings article on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MNPCA) website.


  • When contracting for sweeping, remember that YOU are responsible for properly disposing of the sweepings. If your sweepings are not properly disposed of, you may be held liable for fines and clean-up costs.

Our Asphalt contractors are here and ready to discuss your Asphalt sweeping job.  Call today!


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