Asphalt Repair in Ramsey for New Car Service Area

Allied Blacktop received a call from a gas station owner in Ramsey. The Ramsey gas station owner had a car wash lane at his establishment and it had become damaged due to use of salt during the winter. He needed it fixed as soon as possible, so he called Allied Blacktop for the Ramsey asphalt repair. The team arrived at the gas station and we looked at the car wash lane. The owner was right it needed repaired quickly before one of his customer’s would become injured or even their vehicles getting damaged. We suggested having an asphalt overlay performed, because an overlay would add stability and strength. The customer agreed and our crew returned the following morning to start on the job.

The Allied Blacktop crew arrived at the gas station and we started the overlaying. We first had to make the repairs in the asphalt. The cracks and potholes had to be patched and filled, then we applied a tack coat so the overlay would bind to the old surface. The crew applied a 2-inch overlay upon the asphalt. The car wash lane was durable, stable, and a decade of life has been added to the asphalt with our services. The owner was pleased to see the repairs had been made and he said it looked fantastic. The owner said that Allied Blacktop is the professionals in Ramsey for asphalt repairs because we not only did the repairs, but we also provide life to the asphalt too.