Asphalt Contractor Services Available in Buffalo, Minnesota

Allied Blacktop is the asphalt contractor Buffalo, Minnesota can depend on. We began our asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance services over fifty years ago. We were a small family owned and operated business that thrived due to our professional asphalt services, which led us to becoming the leading asphalt contractor provider in Buffalo, Minnesota. We have a team of over seventy asphalt specialists that are experienced, trained, and qualified. We have a wide variety of asphalt services available, so we can meet the needs of every property owner in town.

Asphalt Services Offered in Buffalo, Minnesota

Allied Blacktop offers complete asphalt services in Buffalo, Minnesota. The asphalt services include:

  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Sealcoating
  • Hot and Chip Sealcoating
  • And so much more…

When your asphalt needs attention, experience becomes important. You may not notice any mistakes immediately, but over time if the paving hasn’t been done properly, then you may be facing costly repairs. Allied Blacktop has the experience and knowledge to provide exceptional asphalt services. We are the most reliable asphalt contractor in the industry.

Buffalo, Minnesota

Buffalo, Minnesota is a small, charming town located forty miles from Minneapolis. There are 15,453 residents that call Buffalo home. The town was named after the Buffalo Lake. Buffalo Lake is a gorgeous area to enjoy the beauty of the lake, fish, swim and go boating. If you don’t have your own boat, then you can rent one at the Sturges Park. Pulaski Lake is the other main lake in Buffalo, and offers the best fishing in Minnesota. If fishing isn’t your favorite thing to do, then you can canoe, Jet Ski, or just enjoy catching a tan.

Buffalo’s historic district offers visitors a look into the past of the city. There are several buildings that were built in the late 1880’s that are being used by local retail shops. There is a walking tour that visitors can take that takes you through the historic district where you will get to do some shopping, look at the prestigious buildings, and then enjoy lunch on the beautiful lake. Visitors will notice several Buffalo statues that are located through town, which the town was named after. Buffalo has a variety of antique and specialty shops too. Visitors will be able to purchase unique gifts and items that will remind you of the great time you spent in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Property owners in Buffalo, Minnesota contact Allied Blacktop for all their asphalt needs. Allied Blacktop thrives on providing our customers with quality asphalt services. Allied Blacktop is your one-stop resource for asphalt paving and services. When it comes to asphalt, Allied Blacktop is the leader in the industry. We use our advanced techniques and products to provide our customers with quality results.

Does your asphalt need attention? Contact Allied Blacktop today and we will schedule a no-obligation inspection and consultation. One of our qualified asphalt specialists will go over options that will meet you and your asphalts needs and budget.

asphalt maintenance , patching, sealcoating and asphalt contractor services available in Buffalo, MN